I’ve been meaning to read “Roots” by Alex Haley for years, but was rather intimidated by its thickness (800+ page).

Haley wrote in a way that is pleasant to read. He captured well the emotions of the characters in his story. The indignity and inhumane treatment of those kidnapped and enslaved. The slaves were stripped of not only their freedom and dignity, but also their culture and heritage.

It was common for a slave family to be sold to different buyers, separating the family. Very young children were ripped away from their parents and sold — they grew up not even knowing their parents.

Haley traced his roots based on the oral story passed from Kunta Kinta (his African ancestor) to his predecessors. On September 29, 1967, he stood on the pier at Annapolis, where exactly 200 years earlier, the slave ship that carried Kunta Kinta arrived on American shore.

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Mi Segera Sihat?

Saya dah lebih 10 tahun berhenti makan mi segera. Bila dengar tentang mi segera sihat keluaran Mymee Minda, saya skeptikal. Betul ke ada mi segera versi sihat? Menurut kata pengeluarnya, mi segera ni tiada MSG, tiada pewarna tiruan, tiada wax, tiada benzoyl perroxide, tiada pengawet dan tiada asid borik.

Biar betul?

Kerana tak dapat menahan rasa ingin tahu, saya beli sekotak (ada 5 bungkusan mi). Rasa sedap dan berbeza daripada mi segera jenama lain yang saya pernah makan. Yang saya makan ni perasa sup (boleh dapatkan di sini).

Betul ke Mymee Minda ni pilihan sihat dan tidak mengandungi bahan yang memudaratkan kesihatan seperti mi segera lain? Tak taulah. Eat at your own risk. Ha ha ha…

mymee minda

Outside the Lines – A Colouring Book for Adults

Did you know that there are colouring books for adults? I only knew recently. The objective is to help you relax and de-stress. While you colour, you focus on only one thing and that helps you to let go of everything else that clogs your mind.

I do find it very relaxing. I’ve forgotten how enjoyable colouring is since I haven’t done it in a few decades. This is result of my colouring. Not bad eh, for someone who is not artistically inclined?

outside the lines

You can get this colouring book from this store or that store.

Dua by SKöHNS

I’ve been to Dua by SKöHNS three times. The first time I was there, I had nasi kerabu, which I thought was rather disappointing. So no, I don’t recommend this dish.

The second time I was there, I ordered mushroom soup with herb bread, and a cheese burger. The bread and soup was yummylicious. The burger pâté was home made and comes with fries. I almost love the burger but I thought it would be better if they include some salad with it (the balanced meal thing). The burger was good, but not the best I’ve had (no offence or disrespect intended).


The third time I went to Dua by SKöHNS was to have lunch with friends. I ordered nasi lemak pandan with salted egg chicken. We shared the chendol ice cream waffle (distribute the calories and make it less sinful).

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Broken children grow up to become broken adults, who neglect and abuse their own children. The vicious cycle of abuse and violence continues for generations.

Children in Grantley went missing. Some were found dead. Some were rescued. All of them were children of problematic single mothers. In each case, witnesses saw the mother with the child shortly before they went missing. And in each case, the mother denied being where the witnesses placed them.

DI Kate Burrows was in charge of the investigation. What started out as simple cases of missing children and neglectful mothers, turned into something sinister. As she dug deeper into the mothers’ past, she found a pattern of abuse and a paedophile ring. Children were ‘rented’ and ‘lent’ by their junkie mothers to satisfy their addiction. Mothers who were themselves once victims of abuse.

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The Colour of Inequality

This is a well-researched book about income and wealth gap in Malaysia.

The author delves into the historical context of the problem in order to give readers an understanding of how the problem came about — starting from pre-colonial Malaya, followed by how the policies of the British colonial government put one race at a disadvantage and giving advantage to another.

The colonial government only had their interest at heart, and that is economic profits. They were not interested in developing their colony. Neither did they have the best interest of the natives at heart. In fact, it is in the best interest of the colonial government to let the natives lag behind. An uneducated population is unlikely to become a threat to their rule.

The British left with a legacy that continued to give one race an advantage over the others. The racial riot that broke out in 1969 was a direct result of discontent among the races due to one monopolizing the wealth of the country while others were left with only the crumbs.

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The Winner Stands Alone

What are you willing to do to win back the love of your life?

Igor is willing to destroy worlds to win Ewa back, the wife who left him for another man.

The story is set during the Cannes International Film Festival. While Igor observes and decides whose world to destroy in order to woo Ewa, the author brings to the foreground the brutal reality behind the glamour and glitz of the world of entertainment.

The story delves into the story of Gabriela, the not so young actress, who has been persevering for years, hoping for her big break.

There is Jasmine, who at the age of sixteen, decided to accept the offer of a photographer who spotted her talent. She accepted not because she had always wanted to be a model, but to run away from her conscience.

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