A Mirror of Us

My mentor said that our opinions are a reflection of ourselves.  When you judge another person, he said, it says more about you than the person you’re judging.  Upon reflection, I agree with him 110%.

That is why I was rather amused when I read “Malaysia & the Myth of Islamic Tolerance” by Rich Trzupek. According to him, the recent attacks on churches and a Sikh temple is proof that “Islamic tolerance” is of no substance and it is only a matter of time before the true colours of Islam and Muslims are revealed.  Apparently, the recent attacks proved that Muslims are intolerant of other people and beliefs.

I don’t know Rich Trzupek and I’ve never met him, but his article tells me much about him.  His opinion is a reflection of him.

At last count, 12 churches, 1 Sikh temple, 2 surau and 1 mosque were attacked.  People I spoke with believe that the attacks were politically motivated and not the work of intolerant religious extremists.  Why do they believe so?  You guess is as good as mine.

The attacks have not led to people rioting on the streets and killing each other.  Apparently, most Malaysians are smarter than the thugs and are not dancing to their tune.

Is that not proof of wisdom and tolerance?

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