The Most Stupid Mistake a Business Can Make

I feel like ranting today.

Yesterday I went to Jusco for my weekly grocery shopping. Put some vegetables in my trolley. Some fruits. And I headed to the fish section. I selected a few pieces of salmon, put them in a plastic bag and placed them on the weighing machine. At the time, there was no other customer there. The staff of the fish section was doing something (not sure what) and ignored me.

To get his attention, I greeted him with salaam and asked him to weigh the salmon. He threw a quick glance at me and ignored me. What the ______?

I’m not sure if he had a hearing problem or if he did not understand Malay. One thing for sure, he was rude to a customer who was eager and ready to buy.

I approached another Jusco staff and asked if I could speak the a supervisor/manager to complain about the fish section guy. She asked me to wait, went in, came out and said the supervisor/manager would come out shortly to speak with me. I waited and no one came.

I walked out to the customer service counter and filled in the feedback form to complain about the fish section guy. I wrote down my full name and contact number. I wonder if I’ll get a response. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I would expect that an establishment like Jusco would have a well trained staff who understands the importance of customer service. Apparently, I’m wrong.

If I were the manager of that Jusco branch, I would wonder how many sales were lost because of an incompetent staff who seemed to think it’s okay to ignore customers.

Letting customers who are ready to buy walk away because you can’t be bothered to serve them is one of the most stupidest (yes, I know it’s grammatically wrong) mistake a business can make. MEGA stupid.


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