Boycott Israel? The Big Story Special On The Global BDS Movement

Four companies are targeted for the boycott: Nestle, MacDonald, Coca Cola and L’Oreal. More information about why we must boycott these companies are available here.

The South Africa apartheid regime was brought down by a boycott that threatens to destroy its economy. We can do the same with Israel. As consumers, we are responsible for every cent we spend. By buying from these companies, you are supporting the Zionist regime.

If you feel that you really cannot live without buying from these companies, I would like you to do this. While you’re having a burger at MacDonald, or enjoying a glass of CoCa Cola on a hot day, or sipping Nescafe at breakfast, or drinking Milo… spare 5 seconds to think of…

  • a Palestinian child who is shot dead on her way to school by an Israeli soldier
  • a pregnant mother who dies at a checkpoint because the Israeli soldier wouldn’t allow the ambulance to pass through
  • a Palestinian teenager who is abused in an Israeli prison
  • the Palestinian families who are left homeless because their homes are demolished to make way for Israeli settlements (by the way, did you know that Palestinians are forced to pay the cost of having their homes demolished by Israeli authority?)

The list of injustices is endless. When you buy from these companies, you’re sponsoring the crime. If the child shot dead by the soldier is your child, would you still buy from MacDonald or Coca Cola or or Nestle or L’Oreal? Is it worth it? Is your taste bud more important than human life?

When you meet your Creator, and He ask why you didn’t do anything to stop the crime and injustices, how would you answer Him? When He ask you why you chose to support the criminals, what would you say?

If you don’t believe in God, as a human being, how can you allow the oppression through your apathy?

Each of us have the power to stop the oppression. So how are you going to spend your money from now on?


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