Interviews: Attack on the Gaza Humanitarian Aid Flotilla

Adam Shapiro: Expose Israel’s policy to the world

Rachel Corrie intercepted. The tape Israel released of the Flotilla was fake, says Adam Shapiro. Related link: Israel admits it altered flotilla audio.

McKinney: Israel bought the executive branch
“If Israel is threatened by olive trees and submit and medical supplies, wheelchairs and school supplies, then Israel is a failed state.”

“Israel is also a nuclear state, It was just last week that we got proof positive in the form of declassified document from the apartheid era, declassified by the new government of the Republic of South Africa, that showed that Israel was willing to sell nuclear weapon to apartheid South Africa, signed by Shimon Perez and P.W. Botha. So what Israel says and what Israel does are two different things.”

Norman Finkelstein on Israel’s Attack

Al Jazeera talks to US activist named by Israel as a ‘terrorist’.

This is an old interview that is relevant to the current issue.

NATO vs. Israel With the U.S. Israel Wins Every time


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