Have You Heard of Structured Procrastination?

I’m a procrastinator and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Procrastinating is not that bad, really. What matters is things get done when they need to be done. And I almost always meet deadlines.

Yesterday, a friend asked me to google “structured procrastination” (God bless her), and I found this website. Before that, I didn’t know there is such a thing as structured procrastination. The owner/author of the website, John Perry (God bless him) has turned procrastination into an art. I have to admire this man. He should be anointed King of Procrastinator. And he does it really well too. I’m going to start applying his structured procrastination method in my daily life. 😉

You see, I have another blog that I haven’t updated in a while (almost a year). Not that I’m very busy or have lost interest in the topic. I’ve simply been… procrastinating. There’s always something else that’s more fun and interesting to do.

I’m sure that blog will be updated again soon. Thanks to John Perry’s structured procrastination.


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