How to Accept People for Who They Are

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
~Oscar Wilde

Would you agree if I say that we would be happier if we can just be ourselves instead of what people expect of us? Instead of living up to other people’s expectation (e.g. parents, friends, colleagues), we’d be much happier if we can just be who we are and do what we love instead what other people expect us to be or do.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. Wouldn’t people around us be happier if we accept them as they are?

My mentor said that instead of trying to change other people (e.g. spouse, children, friend), we should ask how we can change ourselves. Children, especially, learn by modelling. If your children are not behaving the way you’d like them to, ask yourself what you’ve been doing wrong. It’s very likely that they’re modelling your behaviour.

Yes, I know that changing other people by changing yourself doesn’t seem to make much sense, but give it a try. It might surprise you.

I found that accepting people for who they are makes my life easier and smoother. Instead of stressing myself over why wouldn’t so-and-so do this or that, or behave this way or that way, I just accept them. If I really cannot stand someone, I simply choose to minimise the amount of time I spend and interact with that person. The choice is mine. You can do the same.

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