Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

The problem with many people (yours truly once included) is that we let our happiness be determined by other people’s approval. Have you ever heard something like this: “I went to medical school because my mom and dad wanted me too. I’m more interested in modern literature.” Or something along that line.

You spend your life seeking approval from people around you and living up to other people’s expectation instead of chasing your dreams and making yourself happy. People around you might be happy but you forget to make the most important person in the world happy — YOU.

Sometimes we blame other people, other external things for how screwed up our life is. Do you know anyone who when anything goes wrong would blame it on everyone and everything else but him/herself?

Seeking approval and blaming are probably two of the most destructive behaviour. It won’t get you anywhere. It’s true that sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. So what? That’s life. Learn the lesson and move on.

If you let other people determine what you should do or be, you’ll never be happy. If they really love and care about you, they would let you be yourself. If someone says to you, “I’d love you more if you _________ (fill in the blank)”, that person really doesn’t love you. True love is unconditional.

Don’t let other people determine your self worth. You are who you are and nothing anyone say or do can make you less than what you are. “Shit happens. It doesn’t make you shit.


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