L’Oreal: Is It Worth It?

Why Boycott L’Oreal
L’Oreal has been present in Israel since 1983 via the Migdal Ha’Emek plant. The settlement of this town was established in 1952 on the lands belonging to the ethnically cleansed Palestinian vilage of al-Mujaydid, whose inhabitants are still denied the right to return to their homes. Like many other Israeli settlements in Palestinian villages, Migdal Ha’Emek discriminates against Palestinian citizens of Israel, denying them the right to buy, rent or live on any part of the town simply because they are non-Jews.

To reinforce its presence in the country, it established L’Oreal Israel in 1994. L’Oreal Israel manufacturs a line of product using minerals that are from the Dead Sea, called “Natural Sea Beauty” that is exported to 22 countries. What is not known is that one third of the western shore of the Dead Sea lies in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. This part of the Dead Sea is closed to the Palestinians by Israeli military occupation and apartheid practices while Israel uses the Dead Sea for international tourism, mining and improving its image.

L’Oreal has also awarded a $100,000 “lifetime achievement” award to a scientist at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science in July 2008. The Weizmann Institute has been a major centre for clandestine research and development of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on behalf of Israel’s military establishment with which L’Oreal has close ties.

Boycott L’Oreal. Boycott Israel.


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