What is a Friend?

After I finished going through my long neglected inbox one evening, I sat on the sofa in my living room and switched on the TV. I had reduced my TV time in the past year and wasn’t planning on watching anything specific. I was just killing time before going to bed. I was about to change channel when the title of current program caught my eye.

I thought, What? No way! It was a TV reality show where a world-famous American socialite was looking for a new BFF (best friend forever). How ridiculous can it get? Why would someone like her need to host a reality show to find a new friend? One answer that crossed my mind was that no one wants to be her friend. Regardless of her motive, I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

I continued watching not because I’m a fan of this socialite, but because I was curious. I wondered what the contestants were required to do to be her BFF. As I watched, I couldn’t hep but feel sorry for the girls and gay guy who were competing to be her new BFF. The whole thing just seemed so superficial.

Made me wonder… What is friendship? How do you decide if someone is a friend? A trusted friend? A BFF?

I admit that I have few friends. Fewer still are people who I consider close and trusted friends. But these few, I know I can trust them with my life. I know that if I’m in trouble, I can call them and they’ll do whatever it takes to help me.

I did not find these friends by putting them through a series of tests and eliminating them from my potential BFF list. It is the experience that we share that bond us together. In the long run, I feel that this is the mark of a true friendship — one that will last a lifetime.


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