To Shake or Not to Shake

I was almost on the floor laughing when I read of Chua Soi Lek’s criticism of Normala Sudirman’s refusal to shake hands with males.

As far as I’m concerned, Normala has every right to decide what she wants to do or not do with her hands. She has every right to choose to shake hands or not shake hands as she pleases. Only Normala has the right to decide what Normala’s hand touches.

I would like to point out that in many Eastern cultures, it is not customary to shake hands to greet a person we meet. Chua’s criticism is not only baseless but shows his own ignorance of our culture — Malaysian culture in particular and Eastern culture in general. As a Chinese, Chua should know that shaking hands is also not the custom among Buddhists. But then again, maybe I’m expecting too much from Chua the porn star — a man who is obviously oblivious to customs, cultural and moral norms.

Given the opportunity to shake hands with Chua, I would pass. What respectable woman in her right mind would want to shake hands with this very miang man who was caught on video romping in bed with a woman not his wife?

That Chua was elected as president of MCA says little about him as a man and as a leader, but it certainly says much about the people who voted for him.


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