Demonising a People to Justify a War

I remember a time when the bad guys and girls in movies and drama series had Eastern European names. Nowadays, they have Arab names. Time has changed. It is now fashionable to demonise Arabs and Muslims.

I watched a few episodes of NCIS and found it rather entertaining. What I dislike about NCIS is the way they demonise Muslims and Islam. There was a scene when the team found the van driven by the bad guys and were ready to move in to arrest them. The people in the van ignored their warnings. Then a member of the team started shouting, “They’re praying, they’re praying!” The team members ran for cover and seconds later, the van exploded.

Puhleeeeeez! What’s the message here? That Muslims pray prior to blowing themselves up? Blatant propaganda… and disgusting!

I am so over the phase of defending Islam. There’s no reason why I should have to defend and explain my faith. If you want to know if there is any element of truth in the stereotypes and what is portrayed in movies and drama series, read the Quran. Go to the source of Islamic teachings. Read it and then decide for yourself if there is any basis for the wild allegations.

Just to digress a bit, no one made a connection between Tim McVeigh and his religion… because he wasn’t a Muslim.

This demonising of Muslims and Islam is necessary in order to justify an unjustifiable war. An enemy has to be invented; a threat has to be conjured up in order to justify the billions of dollars of tax payers money spent on the war. The sad truth is the number of people killed in this war on terror (soldiers and civilians on both sides) has far outnumbered the people killed on 9/11.

No one is jealous of US’s freedom and democracy. There are many free, democratic countries in the West. Why is the US made the only target?

Let’s put aside the conspiracy theories and ask ourselves who really benefit from this war. Whose interest and security are being protected by this war? The people who want this war are not the ones fighting it. They claim that they’re sending young men and women to foreign countries to defend freedom and democracy.

Ask the Afghans and Iraqis who watched their family members murdered in cold blood for no reason how they feel about the American troops who are supposedly defending democracy in their countries.

Ask the family of the American soldiers who committed suicide after returning home whether the war on terror is justified and worth fighting.

Both sides are victims of a pointless war. Therefore, it is imperative that we ask this question: Who benefits from this war?

By the way, I’m not watching anymore NCIS.

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