Genocide of Muslims in Myanmar

The minority Rohingya Muslims have been persecuted for decades. It’s time the world wake up to their plight and stop the massacre. Buddhism is often portrayed as a peaceful ideology but what’s happening in Myanmar is the Buddhists monks also participate in the murder, torture and rape of the Rohingya Muslims. Why is the Dalai Lama silent about this? If Buddha were with us today, would he approve of what the Buddhists are doing?

The following is an update on the genocide of Muslims sent by Anwar S. Arkani on 7 April, 2013.

The current situation of Rohingyas in Burma is at a critical stage — it’s beyond description. The genocide on Muslims is at its full swing. Most of our family members and friends have been killed and the rest are passing days and nights in horror. They could be killed at any given time. Although the killing was started with the Rohingya in Arakan State, it is now wide-spread and all over Burma. The killing has been on and off and appears to be sporadic but evidences prove that it has been systematic, well-organized and unending. Buddhist monks are united in entire Burma on the issue of ‘getting rid of Muslims’ and they are successfully carrying it out with the aid of the regime. Unfortunately, the world is silent and doing very little or nothing to stop it.

For your information, I’m including some links of satellite imagery captured by the Human Rights Watch that shows the destructions of Muslim settlements and businesses that the regime was lying to the world. Some links of the news coverage may prove many horrible truths, and also if you listen to a radio interview by Dr. Nora Rowley, a physician without border who worked for Rohingya refugees in 2006, you’d get a very accurate picture of what has been happening to the Muslims of Burma.

So far tens of thousands have been killed, and hundreds of thousands are made homeless. Initially there were about 75,000 Rohingyas in IDP camps, but now it’s it recorded as 150,000 and increasing. This figure is only in Arakan State. The Muslims in the entire Arakan have been displaced and/or confined. All the mosques and religious schools have been locked up indefinitely and people cannot work for their livelihood.

In central Burma Muslims were also attacked in almost every town. Religious places and businesses are their first priority of attack. Young school children were burned alive [hanged and burn as if bar-b-queuing] and Muslims were forced to worship Buddhist monks in Meiktila.

Situation in Rangoon is at a critical stage. Muslims settlements and quarters are under constant threat. A Quran memorization school and mosque was set on fire and 13 students were burned alive. The vast majority of Muslims in Rangoon are among the wealthiest; however, according to our most trusted source, the government will use Buddhists to attack the Muslims and will take away all the wealth. Ultimately, the Rangoon will be made a Muslim-free zone. Rangooners are on the run and thousands of them have already left the country leaving everything behind.

Please note that this is a GENOCIDE carrying out by the State. People of the world soon be recording it as ‘Rwanda of Southeast Asia’.

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