Resistance is Not Terrorism

RESISTANCE is NOT terrorism. It is a right! If someone invaded your homeland killed your family took away all your rights… tell me what would you do?

Don’t call me a terrorist, because you are the one terrorizing my family and my homeland.

You occupy our home, colonize it with aliens and expel us from our birthplace. You kill our children while they are sitting in their classrooms, you kill our parents on their way to work, you kill our friends while waiting at checkpoints.

You bomb our schools during the day while we are at our desks, you bomb our homes at night while we are asleep, you bomb our streets while we play, you bomb our fields while we pick the olives, you bomb our ambulances while they rush us to hospital. You kidnap our siblings from their beds, from their schools and from their workplace, you torture our comrades and imprison them in dark cold dungeons.

You demolish our homes over our heads, uproot our trees and destroy our fields to build colonies and roads for aliens who don’t speak the language of the land. You steal our drinking water, you starve our children and our olive trees to fill your swimming pools and to water your European exported flowers and trees.

You walk our roads armed from head to toe, you burn our mosques and besiege our churches, you teach your children that “a good Arab is a dead Arab”. You steal our homeland, steal our homes and fields, steal our heritage. You massacre our songs, our tales, our laughter, our books and our dances.

You attack us with phosphorous bombs and F16’s and markavas. You shoot our pregnant mothers, our baby brothers, our children. You threaten our existence every day, every minute, every second.

Don’t call me a terrorist because it is you who is the personification of terrorism.



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