Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats

A friend lent me this book (she couriered it to me, actually). I think you would enjoy reading this book even if you’re not too fond of cats. It’s a collection of 101 stories that are heart warming, touching and funny.

The funniest story is about the two-timing cat who spends his day at one girl’s house and his evenings at another girl’s house. Each girl didn’t know about the other and thought that her cat is a one-girl-cat. One day, the cat went missing, and each girl posted posters of her missing cat. That was when they found out about each other and realised that the cat had been dividing his time between them.

The most touching story is about Grey Boy, who brought flowers to his owner while she was grieving. He would bring her a flower a few times a day. Over a period of three months, he brought her about five hundred flowers. Some how the cat sensed her unhappiness and wanted to do something to cheer her up. Once she started feeling better, he stopped bringing her flowers and he never did it again.

Who says animals don’t have feelings? May be animals can feel and empathize better than some humans.

You can get the book from this store or that store.


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