Israel Legitimacy Doesn’t Exist

The establishment of Israel was as wrong as slavery, as wrong as the colonists war against the Native Americans, and the Nazi’s holocaust against the Jews.

Israel’s so called war of independence was no different from the above. It was a war of aggression, an inhumane act, an atrocity. The reason Israel has national security concerns is because of the illegitimate and violent way in which it was created.

Palestine was never a land without a people for a people without a land — this notion is a myth. Similar to the notion that Native Americans were savages or the myth that blacks are inferior to whites. Or that the Jewish people are evil, and can not be trusted, or that all Muslims are terrorists. These non-truths grow out of greed, ignorance, and tribalism… out of trying to justify inhumane acts and human cruelty.

Israel is like the rapist who claims he was forced to rape because the woman was dressed provocatively. On some level we are all guilty, we are all complicit, and therefore share in the burden of trying to make things right, both in society and within ourselves.

What was done in the past cannot be made to disappear, but reparations could be made. What is presently happening to the Palestinian people, and the continual usurpation of their homeland could be stopped now.

The international community must acknowledge that Israel has no legitimacy, and therefore must be treated as the apartheid state that it is, one built upon the wrongheaded notions of Zionism.

The distinction must be made between Judaism and Zionism, just as one must be made between Christianity and Manifest Destiny. Beliefs in a God does not give one the right to make war or claim land.

There is a small percentage of very powerful and wealthy people who seek to control the world. They seek to keep you in the dark, firstly, about themselves, and secondly, anyone shedding the light upon their exploits.

Keep this in mind as you watch or read the news. They control what you see and what you hear; in essence they frame your perceptions of reality. It is called perception management, and it is epitomized in the way in which Israel’s attack on Gaza is presented. For example the notion that the Israelis are forced to kill Palestinian children to save Israeli children. This is the same as telling you that black is white or that up is down. The same as telling you that Israel has the right to exist, and that it is a viable democracy and a legitimate state. When in realty it is Israel’s legitimacy that doesn’t exist…


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