Je Suis Ahmed

Unless you just returned from another planet, you have heard about the attack on Charlie Hebdo in France. As has been the case for the last decade, every time some wackos who just happened to be Muslims killed people, Muslims are put on the defensive and are expected to denounce violence and apologise.


The following amateur video shows the attacker killing a cop during the attack. I can’t help but notice that the cop who was shot at close range did not bleed. I’ve never shot anyone and I’ve never seen anyone get shot, but I assume that when someone is shot, that person would bleed. So I’ve been wondering how it’s possible that this cop who was shot at close range was not bleeding. If you’re a medical doctor, please leave a comment and explain how that was possible. I’m very curious.


I see no reason why any Muslim should apologize for a crime they did not commit. Those Charlie Hebdo attackers may have shouted “Allahu akbar”, may have said that they were avenging the insult on the prophet, but they did not represent Muslims or Islam. No one voted to elect them to be the defender of Islam or Muslims.

No, I refuse to be held responsible for the actions and crimes of people I do not know.

I’ve never heard any Christians apologise when the Christian Serbs carried out an ethnic cleansing on the Bosnians.

I’ve never heard any Hindus apologise for the destruction of the Babri Mosque.

I’ve never heard any Buddhists apologise when Buddhist monks in Myanmar and Sri Lanka incite hatred and violence against ethnic minorities in their countries.




This is yet another example of Western double standard and hypocrisy. Anti-semitic statements is a big NO, NO, but Islamophobia is perfectly acceptable. By the way, many (not all) Muslims are Semites.



This is worth pondering.


While in Paris for the solidarity march, Netanyahu invited French Jews to emigrate to Israel. Watch this video to see how they responded.

As far as the war on terror is concerned, Hillary Clinton admitted that the U.S. trained, armed and funded the al-Qaeda in order to fight the USSR. So the root of this terrorism problem can be traced back to U.S. I’ve never heard any Americans apologise for that.


Hypocrisy and Double Standard

False Flag Operation?


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