Tony Blair Apologized for Invading Iraq

Tony Blair apologized for invading Iraq. He claimed that the ‘mistake’ was due to incorrect intelligence. He, however, did not apologize for removing Saddam.

Seriously, what was he thinking? Did he really think that he can just apologize and everything will be forgiven and forgotten? A few days after his apology, I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. An apology for destroying lives and murdering people who never committed a crime. How does that work?

How does his apology make things right for the children left orphaned, for the women and children raped by the invading soldiers, for unarmed civilians murdered for no justifiable reason, for the people forced to become refugees, for the people he turned into beggars, for the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for a lie? He can apologize until the cows come home and it still wouldn’t make it right. His apology neither heal people nor rebuild their country.

No one denies that Saddam was a dictator and a tyrant, but anyone who says that the Iraqis are better off now than when he was in power need to get their brains checked. It was up to the Iraqis to oust Saddam. No foreign government has the right to send their soldiers to invade another country in order to remove a dictator. Since day one, there are many who knew that the invasion was not about removing a dictator who had weapon of mass destruction that he could deploy in twenty minutes. Remember how many people marched in London to protest the war?

No Mr. Blair, your apology is not acceptable. You and George W. Bush must stand trial for war crimes. Even when you’re convicted, that still doesn’t make up for the pain and suffering you wrought on innocent people. The least that could be done is to make UK and US pay war reparation not only to Iraq, but also to Afghanistan.

Tony Blair Says ‘Sorry’ For The Invasion Of Iraq

George Galloway on Tony Blair’s Iraq War ‘apology’

Update on 9 July, 2016

Chilcot wrap-up: Revelations, fallout & reactions as long-awaited report on Iraq war released

Tony Blair apologizes for the destruction of Iraq

I find it ironic the way the news focused on the families of fallen soldiers. While their families have my condolences, let’s not forget the millions of innocent people murdered in the unjustified war.

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