Balqis Restaurant, Putrajaya

Before I write about the food at Balqis Restaurant, I have to let something off my chest. Eating Arab food does not make one Arabized — no more than eating Korean food makes you Koreanized, or eating western food makes you Westernized. All those people with puny brains who are afraid of the imaginary Arabization of Malaysian Muslims need to take a chill pill and get a life. I sure do hope the Chinese family I saw eating at the restaurant didn’t make a bee line for a shop selling abayas and starts using Arabic words. Otherwise, we’re doomed!

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s talk about the food. I arrived at around 12.20 p.m. on Sunday. There weren’t many people. I ordered mandi lamb with rice but was informed that it would take a while because it was still cooking. So I opted for kabsa lamb with rice (not that there was a bread option). The photo of the spicy potato wedges looked yummy, so I ordered that for appetizer.

None of the hot drinks I wanted was available. Because I don’t like milk shakes and ice blended drinks, I ended up ordering mineral water. What’s the point of having a long list of drinks on the menu and many were not available?


The main course arrived before the appetizer (??). The kabsa lamb with rice was served without any veggies or salad. If you want veggies with it, you have to order it separately. It was delicious! Definitely one of the best I’ve had. The black bowl contained gravy with a little vegetables. In the plastic bowl was another gravy. In the tiny bowl was chili sauce — very hot!

The spicy potato wedges wasn’t spicy and tasted like ordinary deep fried potato wedges — don’t waste your money on this one. The mineral water was, well… water.

The kabsa lamb was delicious enough to make me want to go again to try something else. The bill for my lunch was RM29.

My verdict: 4stars


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