Islam: Silencing the Critics

This book addresses the misinformation and misunderstanding about Islam spread by Islamophobes. This is an easy book to read. The explanations are presented in a way that is logical and easy to understand.

The author also explains many misunderstandings about Quran verses that are quoted out of context. For example, when a verse is taken on its own, it gives the impression that Islam condones violence. However, when you look at that verse in the context of other verses before and after it, the true context emerges and and it gives a completely different picture than the one painted by Islamophobes.

Regardless of whether you’re a Muslim or non-Muslim, “Islam: Silencing the Critics” provides a one-stop center that addresses the common misunderstanding about Islam.

You can get the book from this store or that store.

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3 thoughts on “Islam: Silencing the Critics

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