Serai, Petaling Jaya

I lunched at Serai in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. The menu, which consists of local and western dishes, is on the pricey spectrum.

We ordered seafood iced lattee (RM13), minted calamansi soda (RM13), seafood tomyam (RM22), nasi ambang (top right – RM24), nasi kerabu (bottom left – RM23) and banofee pie (RM14.80). Food at Serai comes in very generous portions.


The tomyam was very delicious. The taste was different from the tomyams I’ve had before, and it was a curious kind of different. I’m not sure but I think the lemon grass flavour was stronger than usual and that made it different.

My friend loved the nasi ambang she ordered. The beef rendang was delicious with just the right balance of the spices.

The roast chicken that came with nasi kerabu was delicious. The sambal tasted sweet-ish initially but after a few seconds, tasted very hot. Go easy on the sambal if you’re not into hot food. The nasi kerabu wasn’t bad, but you can find more delicious nasi kerabu at roadside stalls and it cost less than half of what Serai charges you. Ha ha… I don’t recommend the nasi kerabu.

The banofee pie, which contains slices of bananas, was superb! The portion was big enough for two people to share.

I like the ambience at Serai. Chic and spacious. Overall, I feel that the food was quite good albeit a little bit pricey.

My verdict: 4stars


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