The Lady in Blue

This story, which is set on two continents and 300 years apart, is a combination of historical events, mystery and geeky science stuff.

Three hundred years ago, a spirit — a lady in blue — appeared to a native tribe of Mexico, telling them that their way of life is dying and to wait for the arrival of a new god.

In present day Los Angeles, a descendant of the tribe leader started having vivid dreams about the lady in blue and the tribe she visited. She sought the help of a psychiatrist to unlock the secret of her dreams.

Carlos Albert — a Spanish journalist who long ago abandoned God — found himself led on a trail of a young nun from Agreda who was believed to possess the power of bilocation.

Father Giuseppe Baldi was one of four priests involved in a research project funded by the Catholic Church to discover a way to travel through time and capture moments in history.

Meanwhile, the US government was carrying out experiments that involve using people with psychic ability for the purpose of espionage.

To add to the intrigue were angles who lived amongst us, nudging us in the right directions.

If you’re game for an adventure and mystery, get this book from this store or that store.


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