Kesom Cafe

Kesom Cafe is reputed to serve the best nasi kerabu in town. A cafe with that kind of reputation is worth a check out.

My friend and I arrived at around 12.15 p.m. and the place was almost full. This is a cafe that serves traditional east coast, Malay food and many of its patrons were non-Malays — a tell tale sign that the cafe serves seriously delicious food.

The basic nasi kerabu cost only RM8. The add-ons chicken curry and sambal petai tempe tofu were RM6 and RM3.50, respectively. The serai pandan drink cost RM3.50. I actually don’t like petai much, but I didn’t notice the petai in the sambal tempe initially, so….


The way to eat nasi kerabu is to mix everything (except the sambal) on the plate (in this case, tray) together. I’m happy to report that Kesom Cafe lived up to its reputation — they do serve the best nasi kerabu in town. The ulam (salad) was fresh and crunchy.The right balance of all the ingredients made it, oh so, delicious.

The chicken curry was perfect, with the right balance of spices. The sambal petai tempe tofu was also good even though not outstanding. The only thing disappointing was the serai pandan drink — it was almost like drinking plain water.

Here’s Rhys William (the Brit who speaks fluent Malay and makes discovering delicious, traditional Malay food his life mission) eating nasi kerabu at Kesom with his guest, Cassidy La Creme (the Aussie singer who loves to sing Malay songs).

If you have a craving for nasi kerabu, Kesom Cafe is definitely the place to go. It’s not only authentic, it’s cheaper than the nasi kerabu at Serai.

My verdict: 4stars


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