US’s Role in the Founding of Israel

People who are aware of the root of the Palestine-Israel conflict know about the role that UK played in the Balfour Declaration. However, I was, until recently, quite ignorant of the role USA played in the formation of Israel until I read “The Iron Curtain over America” by John Beaty.

I’m going to shamelessly plagiarise various sections of this book regarding this matter (re-writing them is going to be time consuming and I don’t have the time right now). If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Khazar and Judaism, please refer to “The Thirteenth Tribe“.

pp. 30 – 31
As a number of writers have pointed out, political Zionism entered its violent phase after the discovery of the incredibly vast mineral wealth of Palestine. According to “Zionist Misleading World with Untruths for Palestine Conquest,” a full page article inserted as an advertisement in the New York Herald-Tribune (January 14, 1947), “an independent Jewish state in Palestine was the only certain method by which Zionists could acquire complete control and outright ownership of the proven Five Trillion Dollar ($5,000,000,000,000) chemical and mineral wealth of the Dead Sea.” The long documented article is signed by R.M. Schoendorf, “Representative of Cooperating Americans of the Christian Faiths”, by Habib I. Katibah, “Representative of cooperating Americans of Arab Ancestry”; and by Benjamin H. Freedman, “Representative of Cooperating Americans of the Jewish Faith,” and is convincing. Irrespective, however, of the value of the Dead Sea minerals, the oil flow of Middle Eastern wells is something unbelievable to those familiar with slow-flowing American wells. Also in 1951, oil was “discovered” in the Negeb Desert, an area for the “Israeli” authorities has so much fervor that they seized it (See Chapter VI, b, below).

The intention of aggression at the expense of Moslem peoples, particularly in the direction of Iraq and Iran, is suggested also by the fact that the Eastern European Jews, adherents to the Babylonian Talmud, had long turned their thoughts to the lands where their sages lived and where most of the native Jewish population had embraced the Moslem faith.

pp. 123-124
But the Palestine problem, like the ghost in an Elizabethan drama, would not stay “down”. In the post-war years (1945 and after), Jewish immigrants mostly from the Soviet Union or satellite states poured into the land once known as “Holy”. These immigrants were largely Marxist in outlook and principally of Khazar antecedents. As the immigration progressed, the situation between Moslems ans this new type of Jew became tense.

The vote-conscious American politicians became interested. After many vacillations between “non-partition” which was recommended by our strategists and “partition” which was clamored for by many American Jewish organizations and highly placed individual Jews, the United States — which has many Zionist voters and few Arab voters — decided to sponsor the splitting of Palestine, which was predominantly Arab in population, into Arab and Jewish zones. In spite of our lavish post-war tossing out of hundreds of millions and sometimes billions to almost any nation — except a few pet “enemies” such as Spain — for almost any purpose, the United Nations was inclined to disregard our sponsorship and reject the proposed new member. On Wednesday, November 26, 1947, our proposition received 25 votes out of 57 (13 against, 17 abstentions, 2 absent) and was defeated. Thus the voted has been taken and issue seemed settled. But, no!

Any reader who wishes fuller details should by all means consult the microfilmed New York Times for November 26-30, and other pertinent periodicals, but here are the highlights:

The United Nations General Assembly postpones a vote on the partition of Palestine yesterday after Zionist supporters found that they sill lacked an assured two-thirds majority (article by Thomas J. Hamilton, New York Times, November 27, 1947)

Yesterday morning Dr. Aranha was notified by Siamese officials in Washington that the credentials of the Siamese delegation, which has voted against partition in the Committee, has been canceled (November 17, 1947)

Since Saturday [November 22] the United States Delegation has been making personal contact with other delegates to obtain votes for partition… The news for Haiti… would seem to indicate that some persuasion has now been brought to bear on home governments… the result of today’s vote appeared to depend on the United States representative were doing the faraway capitals (from an article by Thomas J. Hamilton, New York Times, November 28, 1947)

pp. 126 – 127
In 1948, strong with Soviet armor and basking in the sunshine of Soviet sympathy, “Israeli” troops mostly born in Soviet-held lands killed many Arabs and drove out some 880,000 Christians and Moslems. These wretched refugees apparently will long be a chief problem of the Arab League nations of the Middle East. Though most Americans are unaware, these brutally treated people are an American problem also, for the Arabs blame their tragedy in large part on “the Americans — for pouring money and political support to the Israelis; Harry Truman is the popular villain” (“The Forgotten Arab Refugees,” by James Bell, Life, September 17, 1951). With such great sympathy for the Soviet Union, as shown above, it is not surprising that “Israel” at once began to shower features which are extremely leftist — to say the least.

pp. 128 – 132
In a reply to a letter from Constantinople-born Dean Alfange, chairman of the Committee which founded the Liberal Party of the State of New York, May 19, 1944 (Who’s Who in America, Vol. 25, pp. 44) Dewey wrote (October 22, 1928):

“As you know, I have always felt that the Jewish people are entitled to a homeland in Palestine which would be politically and economically stable… My position today is the same.” On October 24, in a formal statement, Truman rebuked Dewey for “injecting foreign affairs” into the campaign and — to change the figure of speech — raised the Republican candidate’s “six-spades” bid for Jewish votes by a resounding “ten-no-trumps”:

So that everyone may be familiar with my position, I set out here the Democratic platform on Israel:

“President Truman, by granting immediate recognition to Israel, led the world in extending friendship and welcome to a people who have long sought and justly deserve freedom and independence.

“We pledge full recognition to the State of Israel. We affirm our pride that the United States, under the leadership of President Truman, played a leading role in the adoption of the resolution of Nov. 29, 1947, by the United Nations General Assembly for the creation of a Jewish state.

“We approve the claim of the State of Israel to the boundaries set forth in the United Nations’ resolution of Nov. 29 and consider that modifications thereof should be made only if fully acceptable to the State of Israel.

“We look forward to the admission of the State of Israel to the United Nations and its full participation in the international community of nations. We pledge appropriate aid to the State of Israel in developing its economy and resources.

“We favor the revision of the arms embargo to accord to the State of Israel the fight of self-defense (New Your Times, October 25, 1948)

… Here from the New York Times of Oct. 29, 1948 is Warren Moscow’s story:

President Truman made his strongest pro-Israel declaration last night. Speaking at Madison Square Garden to more than 16,000 persons brought there under the auspices of the Liberal Party, the President ignored the Bernadotte Report and pledged himself to see that the new State of Israel be “large enough, free enough, and strong enough to make its people self-supporting and secure.”

The President continued:

What we need now is to help th people of Israel and they’ve proved themselves in the best traditions of hardy pioneers. They have created a modern and efficient state with the highest standards of Western civilization.

In view of the Zionist record of eliminating the Arab natives of Palestine, continuous bombings, and the murder of the United Nation mediator, hardly cold in his grave, Mr. Truman owes the American people a documented exposition of his conception of “best tradition” and “highest standards of Western civilization.”

Indeed, our bi-partisan endorsement of Zionist aggression in Palestine — in bidding for the electoral vote of New York — is one of the most reprehensible actions in world history.

The Soviet-supplied “Jewish” troops which seized Palestine had no rights ever before recognized in law of custom except the right of triumphant tooth and claw (see “The Zionist Illusion,” by Prof. W.T. Stace of Princeton University, Atlantic Monthly, February, 1947.

In the first place the Khazar Zionists from Soviet Russia were not descended from the people of Hebrew religion in Palestine, ancient or modern, and thus not being descended from Old Testament people (The Lost Tribe, by Allen H. Godbey, Duke Univeristy Press, Druham, N.C., 1930 pp. 257, 301, and <iLpassim), they have no Biblical claim to Palestine. Their claim to the country rests solely on their ancestors’ having adopted a form of the religion of a people who ruled there eighteen hundred and more years before (Chapter II, above). This claim is thus exactly as valid as if the same or some other horde should claim the United States in 3350 A.D. on the basis of having adopted the religion of the American Indian! For another comparison, the 3,500,000 Catholics of China (Time, July 2, 1951) have as much right to the former Papal states in Italy as these Judaized Khazars have to Palestine! (Bible students are referred to the Apocalypse, The Revolution of St. John the Divine, Chapter II, Verse 9.)

Moreover, the statistics of both land-ownership and population stand heavily against Zionist pretensions. At the close of the First World War, “there were about 55,000 Jews in Palestine, forming eight percent of the population. Between 1922 and 1941, the Jewish population of Palestine increased by approximately 380,000, four-fifths of this being due to immigration. This made the Jews 31 percent of the total population” (East and West of Suez, by John S. Badeau, Foreign Policy Association, 1943, p. 46). Even after hordes from Soviet and satellite lands had poured in, and when the United Nations was working on the Palestine problem, the best available statistics showed non-Jews owning more land than Jews in all sixteen of the county-subdivisions of Palestine and outnumbering the Jews in population in fifteen of the sixteen subdivisions (UN Presentations 574 and 573, November, 1947.

The anti-Communist Arab population of the world was understandably terrified by the arrival of Soviet-equipped troops in its very center, Palestine, and was bitter at the presence among them — despite President Roosevelt’s promise to Ibn Saud — of Americans with military training. How many U.S. army personnel, reserve, retired, or on leave, secretly participated is not known. Robert Conway, writing from Jerusalem on January 19, 1948, said, “More than 2,000 Americans are already serving in Haganah, the Jewish Defense Army, highly placed diplomatic sources revealed today.” Conway stated further that a “survey convinced the Jewish agency that 5,000 Americans are determined to come to fight for the Jewish state even if the U.S. government imposes loss of citizenship upon such volunteers.” The expected number was 50,000 if now law on forfeiting citizenship was passed by the U.S. Congress (N.Y. News cable in Washington times-Herald, January 20, 1948).

Among Americans who cast their lot with “Israel” was David Marcus, a West Point graduate and World War II colonel. Col. Marcus’s service with the “Israeli” army was not revealed to the public until he was “killed fighting with Israeli forces near Jerusalem” in June, 1948. At the dedication of a Brooklyn memorial to Colonel Marcus a “Letter form President Truman… extolled the heroic roles played by Colonel Marcus in two wars” (New Your Times, Oct, 11, 1948). At the time of his death, Colonel Marcus was “supreme commander of Israeli military forces on the Jerusalem front” (AP dispatch, Washington Evening Star, June 12, 1948).

The Arab vote in the United States is negligible — as the Zionist vote is not — and after the acceptance of “Israel” by the UN the American government recognized as a sovereign state the new nation whose soil was fertilized by the blood of many people of many nationalities from the lowly Arab peasant to the royal Swedish United Nations mediator. “You can’t shoot your way into the United Nations,” said Warren Austin, U.S. Delegate to the UN, speaking of Communist China on January 24, 1951 (Broadcast of CBS and NBC). Mr Austin must have been suffering from a lapse of memory, for that is exactly what “Israel” did.

pp. 164
It is well to emphasize in this connection that the American sympathy for “Jewish refugees,” so carefully whipped up in large segments of the press and radio, is mostly unjustified, as far as any hardship is concerned. Those “refugees” who arrived in Palestine were well-armed or soon became well-armed with weapons of Soviet or satellite origin, and were able to take care of themselves by killing native Arabs or expelling them from their homes.

pp. 167 – 168
An understanging of Zionism as a “super patriotic” force — with a focus of interest outside of and alen to America — can be had from an editorial signed by Father Ralph Gorman, C.P., in The Sign (November, 1951)

Zionism is not, at present at least, a humanitarian movement designed to help unfortunate Jewish refugees. It is a political and military organization, based squarely on race, religion, and nation, using brute force against an innocent people as the instrument for the execution of its policies…

The Israelis have already carved a state out of Arab land and have driven 750,000 Arabs out of their homes into exile. Now they look with covetous eyes on the rest of Palestine and even the territory across the Jordan…

The Arabs are not fools. They realize what is being prepared for them — with American approval and money, They know that the sword is aimed at them and that, unless Zionist plans are frustrated, they will be driven back step b step into the desert — their lands, homes, vineyards, and farms taken over by an alien people brought from the ends of the earth for this purpose.



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