Daddy’s Little Princess

Cathy Glass (a pseudonym) is a foster carer. When social service sent Beth to her home to stay while her father was in hospital for depression, Cathy thought it was just another foster child who was staying with her temporarily.

But Cathy’s instinct told her there was something not quite right about Beth’s relationship with her father. She couldn’t pin point what it was, but she knew something was off. When Cathy voiced her concern to Beth’s social worker, it was dismissed because there was no evidence that anything inappropriate had happened… until the social worker witnessed the way Beth and her father interacted.

This is a true story about a broken father and a confused little girl, a story about mental illness and emotional incest, and their journey on the road to recovery.

What started as an ordinary story, gripped my attention as I feared for Beth’s fate and found myself praying that she will be alright.

This story also deals with the stigma of mental illness. The negativity towards people with mental illness not only impair the patient’s recovery, but also has an impact on people close to them.

If you’ve read this book, please leave a comment and let me know how you feel about it. Or get this book from this store or that store.


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