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I hope to leave the world a better place than when I found it.

The Broken Man

Adam Carter’s house was at the end of the bus route and it was a bit further away from the main road. The school bus driver, Phil Wallis, decided to walk Adam home that day. He was a shy, quiet boy and didn’t seem to have any friends.

When they arrived at the gate, they saw Adam’s father hurrying out of the house and fleeing. Adam found his mother at the bottom of the stairs. Adam immediately knew what happened. His father had beaten her mother again, and this time he had badly injured her. Phil accompanied Adam to the hospital and stayed with the boy. His mother succumbed to her injuries and died, leaving little Adam alone.

Adam was later placed in an orphanage and Phil visited him often. He became a pillar in Adam’s life while he struggled with his anger and hatred for the father who killed his mother.

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7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu

Semasa Merdeka, Raja-Raja Melayu mengamanahkan 7 wasiat, termasuk mempertahankan keistimewaan orang Melayu, agama Islam dan Bahasa Melayu.

Wasiat Raja Melayu Yang Perlu Difahami Oleh Rakyat Malaysia

Only to Die Again

I haven’t read a book I couldn’t put down in a while. So this is a big deal. I LOVE this book!

What if there is a machine that can tell you what would happen in the future? What if because of that, you can avoid a disaster or save lives? What if you know which direction the stock market is heading and make tons of profit?

What if the machine fell into the hands of people who would manipulate events in their favour? What if they could eliminate people who would stand in their way?

That was the secret Clare Dunham was trying to protect and, unintentionally, she dragged Sam Dryden into the mess. The company Clare was hired to protect ‘accidentally’ stumbled into a technology that can determine events that will happen 10 hours 24 minutes in the future. Her boss, Dale Whitcomb, realized the potential danger if the technology were to fall into the wrong hands.

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Michael Flynn was the most powerful mob boss in Europe. No one crossed him. He got to where he was because he was ruthless. He hurt people in his climb to the top. One of them was about to get even.

Michael married his teenage sweetheart, Josephine. Jessica was their only daughter. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was treated like royalty. There was nothing she wanted that her parents would deny her.

Jessica heard rumours about her father. She wasn’t sure how much was true until that night when two men broke into her home and she saw what her father was capable of. From that moment, she spiralled out of control. Her parents thought it was due to the trauma of the break-in incident. They had no idea she finally saw her father for who he was. They didn’t know that what she saw broke her.

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Kedah, Suatu Ketika Dulu

Dr. Abdul Muati Ahmad bercerita mengenai sejarah Kedah. Tahu tak kota Kuala Kedah sangat kukuh dan tidak boleh ditembusi?

First Among Equals

This is a story of the journey of four MPs in Westminster. They compete for final prize — a residence in 10 Downing Street.

Turns out, political drama is not my cup of tea. I found this story mind-numbingly boring. But, if political drama is your cup of tea, get this book from this store or that store.

Mitos Melayu Malas

Jom dengar apa kata mat salleh ni, Zayn Gregory, mengenai bagaimana mitos Melayu malas bermula. Buku “Myth of the Lazy Native” yang disebut dalam video.

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