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Only to Die Again

I haven’t read a book I couldn’t put down in a while. So this is a big deal. I LOVE this book!

What if there is a machine that can tell you what would happen in the future? What if because of that, you can avoid a disaster or save lives? What if you know which direction the stock market is heading and make tons of profit?

What if the machine fell into the hands of people who would manipulate events in their favour? What if they could eliminate people who would stand in their way?

That was the secret Clare Dunham was trying to protect and, unintentionally, she dragged Sam Dryden into the mess. The company Clare was hired to protect ‘accidentally’ stumbled into a technology that can determine events that will happen 10 hours 24 minutes in the future. Her boss, Dale Whitcomb, realized the potential danger if the technology were to fall into the wrong hands.

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Michael Flynn was the most powerful mob boss in Europe. No one crossed him. He got to where he was because he was ruthless. He hurt people in his climb to the top. One of them was about to get even.

Michael married his teenage sweetheart, Josephine. Jessica was their only daughter. She was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was treated like royalty. There was nothing she wanted that her parents would deny her.

Jessica heard rumours about her father. She wasn’t sure how much was true until that night when two men broke into her home and she saw what her father was capable of. From that moment, she spiralled out of control. Her parents thought it was due to the trauma of the break-in incident. They had no idea she finally saw her father for who he was. They didn’t know that what she saw broke her.

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Malaysia Military Power

Si vis pacem, para bellum.
If you want peace, prepare for war.

Jika mahu keamanan, bersedia untuk peperangan.

Buku ini membincangkan pertahanan dan keselamatan negara serta peranan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) daripada berbagai sudut. Ia menerangkan kenapa kerajaan perlu bersedia melaburkan sejumlah wang yang banyak untuk menjamin keselamatan negara. ATM perlu sentiasa bersiap siaga dan mempunyai aset ketenteraan dengan teknologi terkini untuk mempertahankan negara.

Penulis menerangkan bagaimana aset-aset ketenteraan dipilih oleh ATM dan bagaimana ia membantu mengawal sempadan dan memainkan peranan dalam cegah rintang (deterrence) untuk menjaga keselamatan negara. Penulis juga menerangkan bagaimana aset-aset lama boleh dinaik taraf supaya kekal relevan dan berkesan.

Turut dibincangkan adalah keselamatan negara daripada aspek geopolitik, dan bagaimana hubungan diplomatik turut memainkan peranan penting dalam menjaga keamanan.

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The Associate

Kyle McAvoy would be graduating from law school soon and was considering his career options. He didn’t expect an incident that happened five years ago would return to haunt him.

Kyle and his friends had been partying all day. Later that evening, Elaine Keenan joined the party at his apartment. Four days later, Elaine accused Kyle’s friends of raping her. The police investigated and found no concrete evidence of the crime, and the case was closed. There was rumour about a video taken at the party but it was never found. Until now. By a man who introduced himself as Bennie.

Bennie used the video to blackmail Kyle into accepting a job offer at Scully & Pershing, a big law firm that was involved in a litigation between two military contractors. Bennie wanted Kyle to steal documents for him, making him a pawn in industrial espionage.

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The Burning Soul

This is my first John Connolly novel. The first thing I noticed about Connolly is the way he describes a scene in minute detail. I almost felt like I was there. His style of writing needed a little getting used to.

After reading two chapters, I quite like it and thought I could read more of his novels. After a few more chapters, I’m not so sure. Something doesn’t sit well with me; I’m not sure what it is.

Here’s what the story is about. Anna Kore, a 14-year old girl disappeared without a trace. The police believed she was kidnapped.

Randall Haight started receiving mails to remind him of his past sin. When he was 14, he was convicted of assaulting and murdering a girl the same age. Because he was a child himself when he committed the crime, the judge decided that upon his release, he would be given a new identity so that he can start a new life, free of his dark past.

After he was released from prison, he worked hard to build a new life and was a respectable accountant in a small town. Very few people knew his true identity. So who was the person who knew his secret and was now taunting him?

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Siapa Kata Kita Sudah Merdeka?

Buku ini adalah himpunan tulisan-tulisan ZF Zamir di Facebook. Sebahagian besarnya adalah mengenai masalah kepincangan sistem pendidikan kita berdasarkan pengalaman beliau sebagai bekas guru. Yang lain-lain adalah ulasan filem dan berbagai isu semasa.

Buku ini boleh dibaca secara santai dan boleh dihabiskan dalam masa sehari di hujung minggu. Buku ini diterbitkan pada tahun 2017 dan kalau anda berminat mengetahui apa masalah sistem pendidikan kita dari sudut pandangan seorang bekas guru, bolehlah dapatkan buku ini dari sini.

Sebenarnya, saya rasa agak jelak melihat tulisan-tulisan di media sosial dihimpunkan ke dalam buku.

From Beirut to Jerusalem

Even though there has been an increasing awareness on the plight of the Palestinians, many are still ignorant of the root of the conflict.

This book is a first hand account of a doctor who was there when the Sabra-Shatila massacre took place. What she witnessed there turned Dr Ang Swee Chai, who is a Christian and initially a supporter of Israel, into an advocate for the rights of Palestinians.

After returning to UK, Dr Ang founded Medical Aid for Palestinians.

It is easy to label the Palestinians as terrorists and believe what is reported in the mainstream media. I dare you to read this book and make up your own mind. Get this book from this store or that store.

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