Berapa Ramai Lagi Nyawa Harus Terkorban?

Agaknya telah berapa banyak kes kebakaran di sekolah-seolah agama/tahfiz? Berikut adalah senarai kebakaran yang saya jumpa. Ada sekolah yang kes kebakaran berlaku lebih daripada sekali. Yang bertanda merah adalah kes yang melibatkan kehilangan nyawa.

    1. Madrasah Taufiqiah Al-Khairiah, Guar Chempedak, 1989. Kebakaran asrama perempuan madrasah mengakibatkan 27 orang pelajar maut. Punca kebakaran adalah api dari lilin yang dipasang untuk menerangi bilik asrama. Sumber: Astro Awani
    2. Sekolah Menengah Agama Darul Makmur, Pekan, 2007. Kebakaran itu mengakibatkan empat buat kelas, sebuah bilik komputer, bilik guru dan bilik pengetua termasuk wang tunai RM8,500 hangus. Sumber: Bernama
    3. Sekolah Pondok Bandar Hilir, Sik, 2007. Kebakaran memusnahkan 40 pondok. Tiada sebarang kecederaan dilaporkan kerana kejadian berlaku pada musim cuti persekolahan. Sumber: Bernama
    4. Sekolah Nurul Hidayah Al-Quran Maahad Tahfiz, Pasir Putih, 2007. Sebuah blok asrama hangus. Tiada kemalangan jiwa kerana pelajar-pelajar sedang menghadiri kelas. Sumber: Bernama
    5. Sekolah Madrasah Darul Hikmah, Kota Kinabalu, 2009. Kebakaran berlaku di sebuah bangunan dua tingkat menyebabkan kerugian kira-kira RM200,000. Tiada kemalangan jiwa dilaporkan. Sumber: Bernama
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Sepiring, The MINES

I haven’t written a food review in a while because I haven’t found a place I really like until I stumbled upon Sepiring at The MINES recently.

The first page of the menu says: Proud of our colourful heritage, our menu carries an exciting variety of recipes from all corners of Malaysia. It is this harmonious blend of flavours that make us all ‘uniquely Malaysian’.

And then, on the next page is a menu of pasta selection. Hmmmmm… am I the only one wondering from which corner of Malaysia pastas are from?

I decided to go for something truly Malaysian, so I ordered Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik and Durian Cendol.


You can barely see the ayam percik (grilled chicken) in the photo because it’s covered by the coconut milk gravy. The gravy was so creamy and yummy. The sambal was not hot at all (disappointing). The keropok lekor and salted egg were as expected. I was happy with the overall taste of the nasi ulam. The the right combination of spices and flavours.

The durian cendol was evil. I couldn’t finish the entire bowl. It was too much. If you choose to order this, I would recommend that you share it with a friend.

Update (24 Dec, 2017):
I snapped a photo of this pasta because it looked so tempting. The taste wasn’t disappointing. This Malaysian-ized Spicy Smoked Beef Pasta was awesome! You have to try this one. The smoked beef was thinly sliced and tasty. The coconut gravy was slightly creamy, slightly spicy, and oddly, was just right for the pasta. This weird mixed marriage was very delicious.


I ordered Bubur Chacha because I hadn’t had it in a looong while. It wasn’t too sweet, which was the way I like it, and tasty. But for some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a missing flavor.

My verdict: 4stars

Memoirs of Tan Sri Ani Arope

I bought this book online at Kinokuniya. When it arrived, I was rather disappointed that the book was so thin (139 pages). I thought a man like the late Tan Sri Ani Arope (TSAA), with his infinite wisdom, would have much to share.

TSAA was one of Malaysia’s prominent corporate figures, who was also well known for his wit and sense of humour.

The story started with his childhood. He was the fifth of seven children and grew up with a mother who was a single parent. Word War II broke when he was nine years old and with it came the hardship of war.

He fell in love for the first time when he was seventeen. It did not last long and they met again 60 years later through their children.

He attended a university in New Zealand, and upon returning home, started his career as an agronomist. Shortly after, he met a beautiful young woman who later became his wife. TSAA narrated about his challenges as the CEO of TNB and what led to his decision to resign.

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The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest

This is the finale of the Millennium Trilogy. I don’t know how to review this book without revealing the plot, so this review is going to be brief.

This book picks up where “The Girl who Played with Fire” left off. Salander was now in a hospital, where she was treated for her life-threatening injuries. Because she was wanted for a triple murder, she was put under arrest and not allowed contact with anyone except the medical team treating her and her lawyer. Salander had to prepare for her defense while isolated from the rest of the world.

Mikael Blomkvist asked his sister, Annika, to be Salander’s lawyer, which proved to be challenging due to Salander’s policy of not talking to anyone in authority.

People in the Secret Section of Sapo knew that they were in danger. If Salander was not silenced, she would expose their blatant disregard of the law in order to protect Zalachenko.

While doing all they can to help Salander, both Annika’s and Mikael’s lives were threatened. Can they persuade Salander to trust them? The stake was high and important people had much to lose if the truth finally came out.

The plot twists and turns left my head spinning. Of course, I’m going to tell you that you must read this book. Get it from this store or that store.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl who Played with Fire

The Girl Who Played with Fire

This is the second book in the Millenium Trilogy.

Mikael Blomkvist was working with Mia Johansson (a criminologist) and Dag Svensson (a journalist) to expose a sex trade ring that involved prominent people. Blomkvist found Johansson and Svensson shot dead in their apartment. The police found the murder weapon with Lisbeth Salander’s fingerprints on it. Shortly after, Bjurman, Salander’s guardian was also found dead in his apartment.

Salander was now wanted for three murders and the media was painting her as a psychotic lesbian with a troubled, violent past. The hunt for Salander was on.

People who knew Salander well — Blomkvist, Berger and Armansky — did not believe that Salander was responsible for the murders. While Salander hid at her safe house, they desperately tried to make sense of what happened. It was a race against time — if the police found Salander first, it would not end well.

Unknown to Blomkvist, Salander held the key to a puzzle that Johansson and Svensson were unable to solve. Salander had met with them shortly before they died. The information she shared with them was what led to their death.

The key that Salander held was a man called Zalachenko — the elusive mastermind behind the sex trade ring. The man who shaped Salander’s dark past.

This book is the key to understanding Salander’s past and what made her who she was. Get this book from this store or that store.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mikael Blomkvist was a disgraced journalist. While he was picking up the pieces of his life, he was approached by Dirch Frode, a lawyer who worked for Henrik Vanger — a rich, influential and retired industrialist. Vanger wanted to hire Blomkvist to write his family biography, but that was only a pretext. His real mission was to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of Harriet Vanger, Henrik’s niece, more than three decades ago.

Blomkvist had no interest in writing a biography and he doubted that he could unravel a three-decade mystery when even the best investigators failed to do so. But then, Henrik Vanger made him an offer he couldn’t resist – if Blomkvist accepted his offer, he would give Blomkvist evidence that can use against his nemesis.

While investigating Harriet’s disappearance, Blomkvist crossed path with Lisbeth Salander, an investigator who Frode hired to do a background check on Blomkvist before Vanger offered him the job. Salander and Blomkvist ended up working together to track down Harriet.

Lisbeth Salander was one of a kind. You can keep no secret from her. She lived by her own moral code. Together with Blomkvist, the pair were unstoppable. The dark secret they discovered about what led to Harriet’s disappearance was a horror beyond their imagination — a secret that if revealed, would destroy the Vanger family.

Even if you’re not into the crime/thriller genre, I highly recommend this novel. You won’t regret it. Get this novel from this store or that store.

The Girl who Played with Fire
The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest


Ini kisah 1950an — kisah perjuangan hidup pada zaman selepas perang di Kampung Kambing, Singapura. Salina adalah anak saudagar kaya. Dia kehilangan semua ahli keluarganya ketika tentera Jepun menggila mengebom Kota Singa. Berbagai keperitan ditelannya untuk meneruskan hidup biar pun di jalan yang tersasar.

Hilmy kehilangan ayahnya juga kerana bom tentera Jepun. Dia dan ibuya berpindah ke rumah buruk di Kampung Kambing kerana itu saja yang mereka mampu. Hilmy masih belajar di sekolah Inggeris — harapan ibunya adalah dia akan dapat mengubah nasib mereka.

Nahidah yang manis tinggal di kampung itu bersama ibu tiri dan dua orang abang. Ibu tiri yang tamak mempergunakan Nahidah untuk kepentingannya lalu menghancurkan impiannya untuk hidup bersama Hilmy.

Abdul Fakar adalah lelaki tidak sedar diuntung yang sanggup menyakiti seorang perempuan yang sangat menyayanginya.

Salina akhirnya tiba di persimpangan di mana dia perlu membuat keputusan sama ada meneruskan hidup di jalan yang menyakitkan atau memilih jalan lain.

Zaman selepas perang adalah dunia yang berbeza. Pun begitu, apa yang manusia sanggup lakukan demi kelangsungan hidup tidak banyak bezanya.

“Salina” tersenarai dalam “100 Novel Melayu Yang Wajib Dibaca” — dapatkannya di sini.