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Fish & Co, MINES

I ordered orange juice, cream of mushroom and Coriander Catch at Fish & Co. The menu says Coriander Catch is “White fish fillet grilled with a home blend of coriander sauce to give it an intense, healthy flavour.” That certainly was not the case.


The rice was bland — wouldn’t make much difference if they actually served plain white rice. The coriander sauce didn’t taste like coriander — it was almost tasteless.

I like tapioca but the baked tapioca didn’t complement the meal. It tasted odd and out of place. It would be better if instead of baked tapioca, it was served with mixed veggies or salad.

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Sepiring, The MINES

I haven’t written a food review in a while because I haven’t found a place I really like until I stumbled upon Sepiring at The MINES recently.

The first page of the menu says: Proud of our colourful heritage, our menu carries an exciting variety of recipes from all corners of Malaysia. It is this harmonious blend of flavours that make us all ‘uniquely Malaysian’.

And then, on the next page is a menu of pasta selection. Hmmmmm… am I the only one wondering from which corner of Malaysia pastas are from?

I decided to go for something truly Malaysian, so I ordered Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik and Durian Cendol.


You can barely see the ayam percik (grilled chicken) in the photo because it’s covered by the coconut milk gravy. The gravy was so creamy and yummy. The sambal was not hot at all (disappointing). The keropok lekor and salted egg were as expected. I was happy with the overall taste of the nasi ulam. The the right combination of spices and flavours.

The durian cendol was evil. I couldn’t finish the entire bowl. It was too much. If you choose to order this, I would recommend that you share it with a friend.

Update (24 Dec, 2017):
I snapped a photo of this pasta because it looked so tempting. The taste wasn’t disappointing. This Malaysian-ized Spicy Smoked Beef Pasta was awesome! You have to try this one. The smoked beef was thinly sliced and tasty. The coconut gravy was slightly creamy, slightly spicy, and oddly, was just right for the pasta. This weird mixed marriage was very delicious.


I ordered Bubur Chacha because I hadn’t had it in a looong while. It wasn’t too sweet, which was the way I like it, and tasty. But for some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a missing flavor.

My verdict: 4stars