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Leaving Time

Jenna Metcalfe’s parents were scientists, who ran an elephant sanctuary. When she was three, tragedy strike. An employee of the sanctuary was killed after she was trampled by one of the elephants. Alice, Jenna’s mother, was found injured and unconscious at another part of the sanctuary.

Alice was rushed to the hospital. When she regained consciousness, she was informed that Jenna was missing. Alice checked out of the hospital and disappeared. Thomas, Jenna’s father, was committed to a mental institution shortly after.

Jenna was brought up by her grandmother, who refused to talk about her mother. For ten years, she wondered why her mother left.

Desperate to find the truth, Jenna sought the help of Serenity (a psychic) and Virgil Stanhope (the cop who investigated the accident at the sanctuary). As the unlikely trio set on a quest to find the truth about what happened to Alice, Jenna’s memory of her childhood started to reveal a series of unexpected events. Would uncovering the truth be so painful that it would be better to bury the past?

This is my first Piccoult’s novel. A few days after finishing it, my head still reeled from the plot twist. Get this book from this store or that store.